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Speedway's Back to School Theme For The Kids

August means it’s time to go back to school and local Speedway’s celebrated by making that their theme for the month. Any customers who donated a $1 or more to CMN received an “I Heart Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital” pencil. Over two days, the 117 Speedway stores in Region 43 raised $17,628.19!

Some of the stores got into the theme by not just asking for donations but by dressing up as pencils and crayons. We love to see the creativity and energy that Speedway brings to supporting CMN and HDVCH. We are looking forward to seeing what they will do for their September Focus Days.

CSR Brooke Lilly, LAM Rachelle Prins, GM Felicia Redner & Cafe Mgr. Brittany Jones at Store 3586 dress up as pencils for August’s Focus Days.
The team from 8765 put on their best Crayola-wear for August Focus Days. Pictured from left to right are LCSR Cynthia Davis, CSR Kevin Todd, GM Alecia Feringa, and CSR Jax Herman.