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Speedway Donates 13,107 Tubes of Play-Doh

We are so grateful at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital (HDVCH) to have Speedway as a Children’s Miracle Network partner! Speedway employees and customers support HDVCH year-round through many different fundraising efforts. This spring, they went above and beyond by holding a Play-Doh collection drive. Employees and customers collected 13,107 containers of Play-Doh and delivered them to HDVCH on July 31.

General Manager of Store 3586, Felicia (on the right), made Play-Doh costumes to encourage donations.

Mike, a customer of Store 3586 brought a new Play-Doh kit to the store every week during the campaign.

Alecia, General Manager of Store 8765 got into the crafting spirit and made the Play-Doh t-shirts in the above picture.

Ben, a customer at Store 5500 in Holland made a large donation to help fill the canisters. Shannon (right), General Manager for Store 5500, made Play-Doh collection barrels for all 10 stores in her district with the help of her three children.

Team 3592 in Saranac, MI standing beside the Play-Doh Collected.

To see how the Play-Doh is being used at HDVCH, visit