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Aiden and the Speedy Freeze

Does anyone need a fill-up? Be sure to stop by your nearest Speedway! Speedway is one of our only year-long fundraisers, and boy, are we glad to partner with them! Speedway has been a national CMNH partner since 1991 and has since risen over $90 million for children’s hospitals across America. Last year, our local Speedway locations rose over $95,000 for Children’s Hospital at Erlanger!

Aiden is a familiar face around these parts. Each year, Speedway features one child from the children’s hospital in their market, and Aiden was chosen as the Speedway Miracle Child in 2016! Because of this, he had the opportunity to attend the annual Speedway Miracle Tournament, a golf tournament held in Ohio each year to support children’s hospitals across America.

A trip to Speedway allowed Aiden to catch up with familiar faces as they oo’d and ahh’d over how big he has gotten… he is 11 years old after all! And, of course, he had to snag a Speedy Freeze on his way out that very nearly may have outweighed his own head.


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