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Speedway Speedy Rewards Cards

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Children’s Miracle Network National Partner, Speedway, powered its way to El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation to deliver 100 Speedy Rewards cards. The Reward cards were distributed to Pediatric Intensive Care (PICU)...

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Now more than ever: Support Rady Children’s Hospital Today

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Kids can’t wait. For a vaccine. For a cure. For the curve to flatten. Now, more than ever, patients and families at Rady Children’s Hospital need support from their local community....

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Did someone say treats?

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GO SPEEDWAY!            To support Gillette staff during these challenging times, Speedway and their customers donated dozens of carts full of snacks and beverages in addition...

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About SpeedwayView Site

Speedway LLC began raising funds for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in 1991. Since then, Speedway has contributed more than $90 Million to CMN Hospitals. Today, CMN Hospitals is Speedway’s primary charitable focus and the charity’s fourth largest contributor. Fifty eight member hospitals in Speedway’s operating area directly benefit from these fundraising efforts. For many of these hospitals, Speedway is their largest contributor.

Speedway is the largest convenience store contributor to CMN Hospitals, raising a record breaking $10.9 million in 2017. Fundraising for CMN Hospitals includes year-long canister collections at the point of sales and specially themed days for employees to engage customers. Speedway holds the annual Speedway Miracle Tournament in Ohio, which over the past several years has raised over $2 million alone and has become one of the largest golf events benefiting CMN Hospitals.

Fundraising for CMN Hospitals has become part of the Speedway’s culture. This long-time partnership has resulted in stores and member hospitals developing strong relationships, to support kids in their communities.

How Your Dollar Helps Patients with Speedway


Charitable Care


Advancement Services








Patient Services

Advancement Services

For Kids LikeEli & Shane

When brothers Eli and Shane were ejected from the off-road vehicle they were riding in, they flew nearly 35 feet. Twenty cents of every dollar provide advancement services to support physical and programmatic excellence to deliver the best possible patient outcomes including the trauma and burn care the boys received while they were in the hospital.

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